MAXIS GBN's Viewpoint is a series of regular insights, commentaries and case studies with topics written for, and driven by, our clients. We plan to use our Viewpoints to highlight themes that we believe are important to our clients, their people and the members of our global network.

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - July 2018

Captive structures: why should you use them in managing your employee benefits?

PDF - (464 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - May 2018

Flexibility and adaptability in the digital era – can the employee benefits industry make it pay?

PDF - (460 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - April 2018

Mental health: how can global corporates tackle this invisible epidemic?

PDF - (611 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - March 2018

Data and digital innovation in global employee benefits.

PDF - (477 kB)


Can multinationals help ‘insure’ a better world?

PDF - (455 kB)


The ‘January blues’: can you help your team help to beat them?

PDF - (541 kB)


Out with the old, in with new? Well a new year maybe, but from what our research is telling us, the employee benefits related issues employers wil...

PDF - (700 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - November 2017

Can simple positivity really boost health and productivity?

PDF - (460 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - October 2017

Technology at work: friend or foe?

PDF - (378 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - September 2017

Captivated by Defined Benefit pensions.

PDF - (357 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - August 2017

Warning! Business travel can damage your health. The benefits of frequent traveller programmes.

PDF - (542 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - July 2017

Do we understand the importance of financial wellness?

PDF - (459 kB)

MAXIS-GBN-Viewpoint- June 2017

Caring about the long term. The potential costs of living longer.

PDF - (450 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - May 2017

Are your employees’ commutes having a negative impact on their health and well-being?

PDF - (773 kB)

MAXIS GBN Viewpoint - April 2017

Tackling bias in the workplace – are we ignoring the wider picture?

PDF - (769 kB)