MAXIS GBN was co-founded by MetLife and AXA in 1998. Fast-forward almost 20 years and we're a joint venture with global headquarters in London.

Our History

  • 1953 – First local member services

    Some MAXIS members started offering pooling as a service to global clients.

  • 1998 – MAXIS GBN co-founded by MetLife and AXA

    Following rapid growth, MAXIS GBN quickly becomes one of the leading global employee benefits networks.

  • 2010 – MetLife acquires American Life Insurance Company (Alico)

    Alico, previously owned by American International Group (AIG), positions MetLife and MAXIS GBN’s services as a global life insurance and employee benefits powerhouse.

  • 2015 – MAXIS GBN releases its Paid Claim Reports

    Our Paid Claim Reports were quickly recognised as best-in-class in global medical reporting.

  • 2016 – MAXIS GBN launches two new global solutions

    MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution and MAXIS Global Risk Solution.

  • 2016 – MAXIS GBN releases the Country Benchmark Reports and Incurred Claim Dashboard Reports

    These are first of their kind in the global industry, reaffirming MAXIS GBN's position as a global leader in medical dashboard reporting. 

  • 2016 – MAXIS GBN launches as a joint venture company

    MetLife and AXA further strengthen their relationship by combining their operations into a separate joint venture company. This is focused on enhancing the client experience through product innovation and data analytics.

  • 2017 – Our new London office opens

    We move into new global headquarters in The Monument Building in London. Our people are based here and everywhere around the world. A new chapter in the history of our network begins.

  • 2017 – MAXIS GBN awarded "Captive Healthcare Specialist of the Year" for 4th consecutive year

    And also "Employee Benefits Fronting Network of the Year" by Captive Review, in the UK.

  • 2018 - AXA, #1 Global Insurance Brand for the 10th consecutive year according to interbrand

    The award further attests the strength of the brands underlying MAXIS GBN.

  • 2018 - AXA wins European & UK Captive Review Awards for best '(Re)Insurance Company'

    AXA scored particularly high for its commitment to the captive industry and its expertise.

  • 2018 - MAXIS GBN awarded Employee Benefits Fronting Network award

    We celebrated a third consecutive win at the US Captive Review Awards.

  • 2019 - MAXIS GBN wins Employee Benefits Specialist award

    A new category for UK & European Captive Review Awards 2019, the Employee Benefits Specialist prize was hotly contested, as MAXIS beat Generali Employee Benefits, Aon and Willis Towers Watson to the award.

  • 2020 - MAXIS GBN wins Employee Benefits Network award

    MAXIS won the "Employee Benefits Network" award at the 2020 US Captive Review Awards. 

  • 2022 - MAXIS GBN wins Employee Benefits Network awards

    MAXIS won the "Employee Benefits Network" award at both the 2022 US Captive Review Awards and the 2022 European Captive Review Awards.