Our Global Medical Dashboard Reports, available in over 30 countries, give multinational employers like you a standardised view of your local medical expenditure.

MAXIS Global Medical Dashboard Reports

In order to help you meet your health and wellness challenges and understand your medical cost drivers, we produce our Global Medical Dashboard Reports with year-on-year comparative analysis. 

The basics

Keeping your employees productive, healthy and engaged is an increasing concern for multinational employers like you.

The costs of addressing the growing health needs of employees and their dependents are driving up annual premiums. The indirect costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism greatly add to the costs paid by employers, above and beyond health insurance premiums.

Main benefits

By selecting any of MAXIS GBN’s four core solutions, you can work with our dedicated Health & Wellness team to understand your medical costs . The team will help you evaluate your medical reports, giving expert insight into the underlying medical cost drivers and trends.

What MAXIS GBN offers

MAXIS Global Medical Dashboard Reports provide a holistic view of health issues by identifying trends and cost drivers.

  • Global Paid Claim reports feature distribution graphs to show how claims were spent in each country, enabling year-on-year comparisons. 
  • Country Benchmark reports provide data on healthcare use in the local portfolio, to enable employers to better assess their own experience against the market’s. For clients who receive the Paid Claim report, the Country Benchmark will be combined with their paid claims for even faster analysis against the market.
  • Global Incurred Claim reports complement the Paid Claim reports by providing census-based utilisation and per member per year metrics, to better identify cost drivers and utilisation trends in each country. 
  • Population Health and Risk Stratification reports use extensive global medical claims data to allow multinationals to categorise employees and their dependents by health risk. These reports help employers understand management practices and initiate programmes to help prevent chronic diseases, stabilise current chronic conditions and prevent an acceleration to higher-risk categories and higher medical costs.
  • The COVID-19 report aims to explain the effect of the pandemic on your population.
  • The disability dashboard shows the connection between disease drivers and disability claims, and other risk factors that could cause disability. It uses a mix of public data and MAXIS claims data to highlight the shape of the disability landscape in each country. We launched this interactive dashboard in March 2023. 
  • Key data metrics such as claims by relationship type, age band, benefit category, ICD-10 diagnostic groups and provider network
  • A focus on targeted chronic conditions
  • Access to our dedicated Health & Wellness team to help evaluate report data and consider practical health and wellness programmes
  • No extra costs or fees for employers using the MAXIS Global Captive Solution.


Who is it for?

  • Global paid claim reports and country-specific benchmark reports are available to all MAXIS GBN clients
  • Global incurred claim reports are available to clients using MAXIS Global Captive Solution, MAXIS Global Risk Solution or MAXIS Global Pool.


MAXIS Global Medical Dashboard Reports are available for countries where employers have private group medical insurance contracts above a required threshold (200 lives for global paid claim reports and 400 lives for incurred claim reports) with MAXIS GBN members participating in the Global Medical Dashboard initiative.