We offer four core global benefits solutions and other services which support reinsurance and risk insurance initiatives to help employers care for their people and meet their strategic goals.

Helping you care for your people and meeting the strategic goals of your business.

We deliver four core solutions and other services tailored to specific employer needs. Besides what we offer at global level, our members can also support employers with local solutions.


MAXIS Global Captive Solution

The MAXIS Global Captive Solution provides highly efficient risk management for multinationals looking to set up an employee benefits captive programme. The employer retains the underwriting profit while gaining access to our strong technical expertise, local-to-global coordination and comprehensive financial data analysis.

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MAXIS Global Risk Solution

Our MAXIS Global Risk Solution leverages centralised decision-making and reinsurance through a longer term commitment benefitting the multinational employer. The portfolio is underwritten at a global level, which enables us to deliver upfront discounts and better terms and conditions.

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MAXIS Global Pool

The MAXIS Global Pool combines local benefits programmes into an international pool through reinsurance. This leverages global purchasing power to deliver stronger risk management, better global governance and potential dividends.

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MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution

Our MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution delivers consolidated financial data to multinational employers, providing better global oversight and risk management.

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MAXIS Mobility Solutions

A globally dynamic partnership to help you meet your specific mobile benefits needs and providing additional access to financial data, help leverage your global purchasing power, and deliver strong risk management.

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Local solutions

With their unique insight into local markets, our local member insurers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. This enables them to meet the needs of multinationals in a specific country, region or market. We’re able to offer more than one member option in several markets, so we can offer a competitive approach and a variety of local options.

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Digital services

Our digital services complement our global solutions and aim to provide the best digital experience in the market for our clients, brokers and network members.

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Core solutions at a glance

Our four core solutions at a glance, a comparison table with MAXIS Global Captive Solution, MAXIS Global Risk Solution, MAXIS Global Pool and MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution.

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