BRIDGE, our reinsurance and reporting system



BRIDGE is a back-office reinsurance and reporting tool custom-built for MAXIS GBN. It allows us to collect and validate data from our local members, generating high quality reports for clients.

BRIDGE is a state-of-the-art platform designed to deliver numerous benefits:  

  • improved quarterly and annual reports about local subsidiaries and aggregate results 
  • much greater data accuracy   
  • managed in an environment compliant with ISO27001, the highest security standard in the industry  
  • enabling us to generate reports to agreed service levels, at the click of a button.

The new BRIDGE reports

BRIDGE enables us, as a network, to produce centralised, accurate, reliable and timely reports that allow clients to make informed decisions on their portfolio.

Having one single template means that there is consistency across all reports, more accuracy and speedier output – reports can be generated as soon as the data is validated.

For the first time, clients can also see your experience for the current period reported against the last period, enabling direct comparison.


BRIDGE helps with providing an even better service

MAXIS GBN launched as a joint venture in 2016 to provide clients with a better service. BRIDGE is a key investment in technology which will enable us to achieve this.

BRIDGE went live in 2017 and was a collaborative effort from a large team at MAXIS GBN, local members and third party suppliers. 

BRIDGE allows us to deliver more accurate and timely reports and paves the way for other innovative solutions in market-leading analytics.

Download BRIDGE fact sheet for clients (PDF)

Download BRIDGE fact sheet for members (PDF)