MAXIS GBN: This is us

Watch our new video and learn from members of our senior leadership team, clients and brokers we work with, who we are and what we do. 

View time: 03:25m

Bastiaan Schepman

Watch an interview with Bastiaan Schepman from Achmea, Netherlands, one of our independant members and the winner of the Most Engaged member award at the MAXIS Global Forum 2017.

View time: 02:06

Alfredo Muñoz

Let Alfredo Muñoz, from MetLife Mexico, Head of Private Employee Benefits, give you an insight into our network and how we work together with our local insurance members. 

View time: 02:00  

Thomas Lienert

Watch an interview with Thomas Lienert, our Regional Director, Business Development, for the NORCEE region (Norway, Central and Eastern Europe). Where he talks about the emerging markets and one of our core solutions, MAXIS Global Risk Solution. 

View time: 01:47m