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Webinar: Lessons from COVID-19 – why chronic disease management is essential

Dr Leena Johns and Dr Neil Gordon, CEO of INTERVENT International, discuss what employers can do to offer support and continuity of care to their most vulnerable employee groups – those with chronic 

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Healthy ageing webinar

Replay our “healthy ageing” webinar

Dr Leena Johns, MD, Head of Health & Wellness at MAXIS GBN was joined by Dana Citron, Director, Health and Wellbeing at Deutshe Post DHL Group, to present the findings of our whitepaper, discuss the topic of healthy ageing and share how employers can help their employees age more healthily.

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Pooling webinar

Multinational pooling: the knowledge, the experience and the benefits

We hear from our clients Suez and Saint-Gobain why they decided to implement a global approach to employee benefits management, the key success factors, the challenges and the lessons they learned from putting a multinational pool in place.

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Webinar: Home alone and anxious - the impact of COVID-19

Dr Leena Johns joined Liberty Corporate and ICAS to addresss the innovative approaches to employee benefits and the valuable role of telemedicine and employee assistance programmes in facilitating access to physical and mental healthcare. Find out more on the new approaches to employee benefits in this new world.

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Webinar: What do employees want: MetLife COVID-19 Research Insights

MetLife Australia conducted research in March and May of this year looking at the impact of COVID-19 on health (both mental and physical), financial wellness and returning to work. Andre Purttel, Head of Research and Insights, and Mark Raberger, Head of Health from MetLife Australia share the key findings from the research and much more in this important webinar.

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Webinar: How to make the most of your captives

For human resources departments and corporate risk management at multinational companies, captive insurance companies are an important vehicle for long-term strategy and success. Watch the replay of the AXA webinar and hear from experts including Ricardo Almeida – Head of Business Development at MAXIS GBN and AXA Climate, AXA XL and AXA Group Pension and Savings.

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Webinar: Workplace culture: helping or hurting your business?

Did you know creating positive workplace culture can actually keep your employees healthy and productive and businesses can prosper financially while seeing their medical costs decrease?

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Webinar: Data & digital innovation and the future of employee benefits

Presented by MAXIS GBN and with Lawrence Sutton from Thomsons Online Benefits as special guest, this webinar covers insights from our MAXIS Global Perspectives report and our MAXIS Data & Digital Innovation Lab, including topics such as global benefits platforms & data analytics.

Webinar: The power of including medical in global employee benefits solutions

Hear from experienced guests from MAXIS GBN and Willis Towers Watson on the benefits of including medical policies in global employee benefits solution

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Webinar: Is your employee benefits captive enriched and ready for growth?

Want to hear from experienced guests from Microsoft and Granite on how to manage your costs and ensure consistency in your global benefits design? Replay our webinar.

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Webinar: Are you driving results through financial wellness?

Want to hear from experienced guests from MetLife, IBM and Nudge Global on a growing and shifting wellness focus, as well as the correlation between financial wellness and higher levels of workforce engagement, loyalty and productivity? Replay our webinar.

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Webinar: Are you really exploiting the potential of optimism?

Is the glass half empty or half full? This question may not seem relevant to your concerns about managerial decision-making, employee retention and medical claims reduction. But the evidence is strong; optimism makes a difference in these business measures...

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Webinar: Growing business through reform in Egypt

Learn how the widespread and dramatic effects of the Arab Spring mean for employers and their employees and how can insurers help. For Egypt the ultimate consequences have been economic growth deceleration, currency devaluation and a rocketing consumer price index.

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Webinar: Gut bacteria, impacts of the forgotten 'organ'

Inside every person resides a “multifunctional organ” which the scientific community has started to acknowledge as holding the key to improved health and wellness.Taking care of this organ could drive down medical costs, and increase engagement at work.

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Webinar: MAXIS Global Risk Solution

Discover how MAXIS Global Risk Solution enables multinational employers to leverage their global buying power, size and scale for an improved employee benefits experience. You will also hear from guests on the latest trends and challenges in the European & US captive space.

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Webinar: Making a business case of bedtime

The sad truth is that sleep deprivation is an issue too often ignored, even when it can impact employee's productivity, health and cognitive capacity & cost companies billions of dollar annually. Hear how an optimal sleeping environment is a compelling addition to an employer’s wellness & risk management strategy.

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Webinar: Taking employee benefits captives to the next level

As the captive insurance market becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of multinationals are using captive solutions to reinsure their employee benefit programs. Watch this webinar to gain perspective on this evolving risk management approach.

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Webinar: Enhancing the employee value proposition in China & India

MetLife's Employee Benefit Trend Studies fielded in China and India revealed that there are opportunities for global employers to broaden their employee value proposition to compete for talent.

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Webinar: Using data to identify cost drivers in global group medical

Hear from a leading captive multinational employer about how they’re using global medical reports to manage their medical risk. Learn how a data-driven approach can provide a global view of your costs and easily identify opportunities for better healthcare management.

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Webinar: Boosting the power of benefits in EMEA

MetLife's 2015 Employee Benefit Trends Studies, fielded in four markets – Poland, Russia, U.A.E. and U.K., revealed that there are opportunities to take new approaches to wellness and benefits to encourage talent to stay put.

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Webinar: Is stress impacting your employees’ productivity?

Hear from our medical expert on unconventional methods to help combat workplace stress that are easier and more economical to implement than you think, and get solutions to combat this health concern  based on new research.

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Webinar: 2015 regulations in Asia Pacific

Join us as we discuss the critical impacts of major new regulations in Asia Pacific implemented in 2015 on your local business.

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Webinar: Are you ready for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?

Join us to discover how we can help global employee managers understand FATCA at a high level and how it could impact how we work with multinational clients.

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Webinar: Does global employee health and wellness matter?

Join us to discover key findings from a study to discover a solid connection between health and wellness benefits and employee engagement, commitment and, in some cases, employee’s perception of their ability to work.

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Webinar: Driving business results through a healthy workplace

Discover how to drive business results through a healthy workplace and review case studies from leading edge health and wellness programs.

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Webinar: How can European healthcare reforms affect your business?

Join us in a webinar looking at the healthcare landscape in Europe.

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Webinar: How to use digital EB initiatives to drive employee engagement

Watch now to discover how you can redefine touch points and drive engagement for employees.

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