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Further slipsheet

Look no Further for equitable and affordable health benefits for your people

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HUMANOO slipsheet

Find out more about HUMANOO's digital wellbeing app

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ICAS Slipsheet

Your employee assistance programme (EAP) partner offering effective solutions for stress reduction anywhere, anytime - May 22

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SimpleTherapy Slipsheet

Your global wellness partner for managing musculoskeletal conditions - May 22

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Your global wellness partner for chronic disease prevention and management

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MAXIS Health & Wellness: Improve your employees health and benefit your bottom line

This report observes the impact of key trends in global benefits - for example the rising medical costs and it's impact on MNC's. Read here to disc...

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MAXIS Global medical dashboard reports

Find out how our data driven approach could help you deliver more effective employee health and wellness programmes.

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Your global virtual clinic for women’s and family health

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