Our MAXIS Mobility Solutions is designed to help you meet your specific mobile benefits needs.

MAXIS Mobility Solutions

To help you solve your diverse global mobile employee benefit needs and integrate programmes into your global benefits management strategy, we’ve partnered with AXA PPP and AXA Global Healthcare to bring you MAXIS Mobility Solutions.

The basics

Today’s increasingly global economy and workforce means many employers are having to rethink the way they approach health insurance and employee benefits. With around 200 million people living and work abroad today – more than double the number 25 years ago – the need to bring greater strategy and clarity to an often-confusing programme of global benefits grows daily1.


Main benefits

By integrating a flexible suite of solutions into your MAXIS global programme, you can gain access to financial and usage data, as well as having the opportunity to leverage your global purchasing power and deliver strong risk management.

What MAXIS GBN offers

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1 Harvard Business Review, “Strategic Global Mobility: Unlocking The Value Of Cross-Border Assignments”, 2014