Our MAXIS Mobility Solutions, a globally dynamic partnership with leading global providers, designed to help you meet your specific mobile benefits needs.

MAXIS Mobility Solutions

MAXIS Mobility Solutions is a globally dynamic partnership between MAXIS GBN and two of the world’s leading global providers – MetLife and AXA . Our solutions help you solve diverse global mobile employee benefit needs and integrate the programmes into your global benefits management strategy.

The basics

Today’s increasingly global economy and workforce means many employers are having to rethink the way they approach health insurance and employee benefits. As around 200 million people live and work abroad today – more than double the number 25 years ago – so grows the need to bring greater strategy and clarity to an often-confusing programme of global benefits.[1]

Main benefits

MAXIS Mobility Solutions offers you a flexible suite of solutions for your globally mobile workforce from MetLife and AXA, which provide a diverse range of products and services specifically designed to meet the need of cross-border employees and key local nationals. You can integrate these solutions into your MAXIS global programme providing additional access to financial and utilisation data, as well as the opportunity to help leverage your global purchasing power, and deliver strong risk management.

What MAXIS GBN offers

Our mobility benefit solutions can be included in your MAXIS global programme. Through our partnerships with leading global providers, we offer:

Flexible benefits coverage through MetLife
  • one of the most long-standing global medical networks, built and managed specifically for globally-mobile employees, with over 1.1 million direct pay providers in 180 countries, including access to some of the largest healthcare networks in the US
  • dedicated implementation coordinators, who have the experience to help you avoid any common or unexpected pitfalls, and account managers who are your single point of contact for every case
  • local expertise with an in-depth understanding of regional differences, helping to reduce any challenges that can result from receiving and paying for care
  • convenient and user-friendly 24/7 online tools, resources and a mobile app to help you cut your paper trail, access important information, and manage health care virtually
  • a leading pharmacy benefits programme through CVS Health with more than 68,000 retail pharmacies.
Global healthcare from AXA
  • can either match your existing health cover or their team of experts can help design the cover that’s right for your business’s global mobility strategy
  • takes the regulatory and compliance complexity away - with their global footprint, they have the right local knowledge wherever you’re sending your employees
  • offers you security – being the world’s Number One insurance brand and their many years of experience means your business is safe.
Global protection from AXA
  • the potential to match your existing protection cover or work with AXA’s team of experts to design the cover that’s right for your global strategy
  • your protection cover alongside AXA’s global healthcare plan so you have one scheme to manage, and no doubling up of benefits
  • a sense of security for your employees as compliance is a core feature of AXA’s proposition.



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[1] Harvard Business Review, “Strategic Global Mobility: Unlocking The Value Of Cross-Border Assignments”, 2014