The MAXIS Global Pool, is a pooling solution which combines local benefits programmes into an international pool through reinsurance, in a profit-sharing arrangement.

MAXIS Global Pool

The MAXIS Global Pool combines local benefits programmes into an international pool through reinsurance. This leverages global purchasing power to deliver stronger risk management, better global governance and potential dividends. 

The basics

Through reinsurance, employee benefits programmes are combined to form an international pool in a profit-sharing arrangement.

Eligible coverages include any group policies: death benefits for any cause, survivor income benefits, group disability benefits, risk coverages under pension plans, and medical and dental coverage.

Main benefits

Using our MAXIS Global Pool, employers can achieve stronger global governance and execute their global employee benefits strategy.

It’s a profit-sharing arrangement, with the potential for pool payments if the year-end portfolio balance is positive, based on the aggregate results for all of the policies that participate in the pool.

What MAXIS GBN offers

We can set up a new MAXIS Global Pool or help you move new policies in to an existing pool with us. We offer:

  • Strong underwriting expertise, with in-depth knowledge of local risk factors through our local members
  • A consultative approach on the diversification of risk to balance the portfolio and reduce volatility
  • Participation in the financial performance of the pool through potential payments
  • Different accounting approaches to suit all types of risk management such as indefinite loss carry forward, deficit write-off, individual stop loss, and programme protections
  • World-leading Health & Wellness reports and support - our MAXIS Global Medical Dashboard reports provide a holistic view of health issues by identifying country-specific trends and cost drivers, and our dedicated Health & Wellness team will help evaluate report data and consider practical health and wellness programmes
  • Comprehensive financial data analysis in annual reports, showing all income and expenses of the policies included
  • High governance levels through nearly 140 local members in over 120 key markets
  • Insight, guidance and benchmarking knowledge during renewals process
  • Dedicated account managers at global, regional and local level, working closely with you and supporting you in the resolution of issues as they arise.

Who is it for?

  • Companies with employees in several countries and/or expanding internationally
  • Employers covering at least two countries with a minimum of 300 lives in total
  • A minimum US$10,000 premium per country
  • At least a US$300,000 premium across all policies.


Please note, this should include policies that are new to MAXIS GBN. Further conditions may be placed to access this solution.