A new approach to employees’ health and wellness.

Did you know there was a multifunctional organ inside us which the scientific community has started to acknowledge as holding the key to improved health and wellness — and taking care of it was one of the best ways to stay healthy and fight diseases?

We’re talking about the residents of our gut or the gut microbiome, the vast colonies of bacteria and other microorganisms inside our bodies. Although scientists have only scratched the surface on the importance of healthy gut bacteria, they’ve made major breakthroughs to understand and manage the gut microbiome to improve our health, moods and wellbeing.

A growing body of research is now telling us that gut microbes play a crucial role in regulating our moods, helping us to adapt to our environment, giving us energy, and most importantly resisting disease. Insights from the whitepaper can help foster a happier, healthier workforce with lower incidence of both acute and chronic illness-driving down medical costs, and increasing engagement at work.

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