Your global wellness partner for chronic disease prevention and management

INTERVENT International is a global behaviour change and population health management provider. INTERVENT offers evidence-based, technology-enabled, data driven programmes for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and offers the following programmes: 

  • general wellness, including lifestyle management (e.g. regular exercise/physical activity, correct nutrition, weight management and tobacco cessation) and chronic condition management
  • maternity lifestyle management disability condition management to facilitate a faster return-to-work
  • mental health, with a focus on stress management, resilience and wellbeing.

INTERVENT’s tools and programmes are all designed to improve employee health and wellbeing, while enhancing productivity and minimising disability – all with the added benefit of reducing potentially avoidable healthcare costs. Download our slipsheet to find out more about INTERVENT’s solutions and how you can work with our wellness partner.

Download the slipsheet