Our MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution delivers consolidated financial data to multinational employers.

MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution

Our MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution delivers consolidated financial data to multinational employers, providing better global oversight and risk management.


The basics

Accurate financial information is vital to managing global employee benefits successfully.  MAXIS GBN provides comprehensive financial data analysis of local policies as a stand-alone service, at no extra cost for the multinational employer.

Main benefits

Using the MAXIS Global Preferred Data Solution, multinational employers can gain insight into the benefits usage and costs of their local insurance policies. This allows them to achieve stronger governance and better risk management, in line with their employee benefits strategy. It also provides better visibility on the benefits of switching to one of our other solutions.

What MAXIS GBN offers

  • An annual report with specific premium, claim and reserve data, aggregated by policy and by country for group life, accident, disability and health coverages, including current and historical performance
  • Consolidated data across all countries, by product
  • High governance levels through nearly 140 local members in over 120 key markets
  • Dedicated account managers at global, regional and local level to help evaluate report data
  • No extra costs or fees.


Who is it for?

  • Companies with employees in several countries and/or expanding internationally
  • Employers placing at least two policies with MAXIS GBN local member insurers, with a minimum of at least 100 lives in each
  • A minimum US$10,000 premium in each country
  • A premium of at least US$300,000 across all policies.
Further conditions may be placed to access this solution.