Your global partner for musculoskeletal conditions

SimpleTherapy1 is a leading digital musculoskeletal solution which aims to help employees address musculoskeletal injuries before they become chronic conditions that require surgery. It was the first online alternative to in-person physical therapies and is the market leader in managing chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders.

As one of the approved third party providers that make up our wellness technology marketplace, SimpleTherapy can help your employees stay healthy and productive wherever they are in the world.2

SimpleTherapy’s platform gives employees instant access to evidence-based exercise therapy to address musculoskeletal disorders, including back pain, knee pain, hand arthritis, and hundreds more and is accessible via web and mobile, providing 24/7 access to resources. The platform includes:

  • Three core programmes – to treat chronic and acute conditions, for prehab and rehab, and for prevention and maintenance.
  • 18 pain recovery tracks, musculoskeletal education programmes and occupational injury prevention programmes.  
  • One-on-one support – employees are assigned a care team comprised of a doctor, physical therapist and a health coach to provide the personalised support needed to address pain.
  • Adaptive care – targeted exercises adapt to employees’ feedback and abilities, to help them progress at a comfortable and safe pace.
  • Life-long skills – employees can learn exercises and techniques to perform in daily life, create new routines and form healthy habits for better back and joint health.
  • Care pack – everything needed for recovery is sent to the employee’s doorstep, including resistance bands, a hot/cold pack and compression bandages.
  • Unlimited access – employees can enjoy 12-months of uninterrupted access to all tracks and programmes.
  • An intuitive, highly detailed and multi-lingual app.3

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1 SIMPLETHERAPY, INC. incorporated and registered in DELAWARE, USA whose registered office is at 39180 Farwell Drive, Suite 110, Fremont, California, USA 94538

2 MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.

3 SimpleTherapy PowerPoint presentation to MAXIS GBN, on 4 January 2021