Our health and wellness paper reveals an optimistic outlook could be the secret to better employee health and productivity...

Looking on the bright side and seeing the glass as half-full rather than half-empty are more than just positive mantras. This whitepaper reveals, an optimistic personality may represent a psychological health fix that enables workers to be more productive and live longer, healthier lives.

The paper examines why developing a positive mental outlook among employees should be a central component of any corporate health and wellbeing strategy. Employee satisfaction, behaviour and turnover can predict the following year’s profitability and these aspects have an even stronger correlation with customer satisfaction.  

Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness, MAXIS Global Benefits Network said: “This paper demonstrates that having a positive mental outlook is not only hugely beneficial for the individual, it has tangible organisational benefits for an employer. Corporate health and wellness plans should incorporate strategies to improve workplace optimism and employee benefits packages are a tool to help facilitate change. This paper offers some valuable proactive steps towards building an optimistic workplace, helping employees learn a new set of cognitive skills. These skills will help managers build happier and healthier employees, while improving productivity, resilience and reducing absenteeism.”

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