Local consultants joined us in the Polish capital to hear how AXA Poland joining the MAXIS network can befit local multinationals.

Partnering with AXA Poland for successful event in Warsaw

On Wednesday 10 October MAXIS GBN travelled to Warsaw to co-host an event with our network member AXA Poland.  The beautiful Polish capital city played host to a day of discussion between AXA Poland, local consultants and our team.

With approximately 50 consultants packing the famous Bristol hotel in Warsaw Old Town, the event was a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of being part of the MAXIS network for AXA Poland, local consultants and clients.

The day was kicked off by Janusz Arczerski, Head of Life at AXA Poland, introducing the event with an overview of AXA Poland’s achievements, the market climate and insights into their upcoming local and global strategies.

After a short welcome video from MAXIS CEO, Mauro Dugulin, our Regional Director Thomas Lienert and Account Executive, Markus Leutenegger presented MAXIS, our network and our global solutions. Thomas also hosted a panel with Markus and Marcin Malinowski from AXA Poland discussing the strength of our partnership and how our relationship benefits clients and consultants.

Artur Skiba, Sales Director, gave an in-depth talk on how AXA Poland are investing resource to ensure they, their clients and consultants are prepared for future success.

The afternoon comprised of guest speaker, Professor Jerzy Bralczyk and his works - providing interesting and comical entertainment through his presentation, as he delivered insight on the formalities of communication and the art of expression through language.

We would like to personally thank Marcin and the rest of the AXA Poland team for their fantastic collaboration organising this successful event.