Get to know Federico, our Chief Technical & Financial Officer

In the latest ‘Our People’ interview, we caught up with Federico Morosi, Chief Technical & Financial Officer, to find out more about his role at MAXIS, his career highlights, and the challenges and opportunities facing MAXIS and our members. Read on to find out more! 
1. You’ve been at MAXIS for more than a year now – how have you found your first year?  

The first year has been a lot more intense and beautiful than I could think of. It has really been a ride. 

I have a very motivated team, and we’re getting bigger, better and faster. Bigger – because the amount of data we handle today is incomparable with that we managed just a few years ago, better – because we are striving to increase our data quality and faster – because we managed to beat our Pool campaign deadlines not once but twice. Congratulations to the Reinsurance & Reporting team for that!

The Legal team is now a fully-fledged powerhouse with a clear structure. Looking at the Finance team, I always say they do an ‘invisible’ job because its operation is invisible to most of the people and they only realise when something is wrong. I’m also very thankful for the work of the Finance and Settlements team, who have achieved incredible results in the last year.  

We also created the Financial Planning & Analysis and Actuarial teams, which shed a lot of light on the profitability of the MAXIS portfolio, helping us make the decisions that are right for our clients, our members, and for ourselves.  

2. What do you think the greatest strength of the MAXIS network is? 

The Business Development team remains one of our greatest strengths – they are very good at understanding and managing our clients. Also, the Underwriting team is doing a fantastic job while our Pool and Global Risk Solutions are performing well. Kudos to them all! 

Beyond our people, MAXIS’ biggest strength is the huge network we can leverage. AXA and Metlife are two of the world’s largest insurers, both have a vast international presence meaning our footprint is truly global. It’s the strongest asset we have.

3. And what challenges do we face as a network?          

Complexity. MAXIS is a tremendous success story. Now we have a portfolio of over one billion in reinsured premium and have above two billion euros in total premium (including not reinsured) we need to tackle the complexity challenge without becoming overwhelmed.  

At the same time, working with multinationals requires flexibility. There is a clear trade-off between the two, and management is more an art than a science.  

I am very proud of our achievements, but we cannot rest on our laurels. Our goals include increasing data quality and control further, deepening our analysis, and delivering insightful reporting.

4. Your team is based all around the world – how do you ensure you’re working well as a team, despite the distance? 

To me it’s always been a bit like this because I’ve always been in an international environment, so even before the COVID-19 pandemic there was a lot of use of video technology.  

But I think it’s important, sometimes, to have a chat that is non-work related so people don’t only connect for work. It’s not always easy when things are busy, but connecting and building strong relationships is important to have a high-performing team. Also, team events are become increasingly important. 

5. What would you say are some of your career highlights so far?

Career and work have always been very important to me and whenever I could choose between an easier path and a more challenging one, I have always chosen the more challenging one. That is also what brought me to MAXIS.  

I’m very proud of what we have achieved here in the last year – such as beating our Pool campaign deadline not once, but twice! Thanks to the truly outstanding team, including our Reinsurance & Reporting people - we did it! 

6. What do you like most about working at MAXIS? 

I think being very spread out – in India, the UK, France, US, Switzerland, and Hong Kong – helps MAXIS develop our strong culture of collaboration and accountability. 

At the same time, I believe we need to talk even more and write less, although I’m probably one of the top offenders with email!   

7. And finally, can you tell us something about you that we don’t already know? 

I love the concept of gender parity. My family is made up of my wife, two daughters, a sister, my mother and father, and grandma.

I love spending time with my daughters and family. When I am not with them or at work, I really love reading, cycling, and running. And maybe this is a bit weird – but I like running not because of the running, but because of the feeling after running… whereas I love cycling because of cycling.  

I also love reading about astro and quantum physics, not because I understand a great deal of it, but because I like imagining infinitely big and small matter. It puts everything into perspective. 

Thanks for the insights, Federico, it’s been great catching up!