Arpit explains the growing problem with musculoskeletal problems

Musculoskeletal conditions (or MSKs) are a growing issue for many employers today. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic MSKs were a top cost driver in multinational employers’ medical claims data, but with many working hunched over laptops and away from the ergonomic setup of an office – the problem is only growing. 

In the video below, Richard Reyf, Director of Health & Wellness Data Analytics at MAXIS GBN, sat down with Arpit Khemka, CEO of SimpleTherapy,1  to talk about:
  • why MSKs are presenting such a big problem for multinationals and how they have become the top medical cost driver
  • how the pandemic has impacted MSK problems
  • how digital, at-home, services can help deliver better results for patients and employers than in-person physical therapy.

To find out more about SimpleTherapy, visit their page in our wellness technology marketplace or contact your MAXIS GBN representative.2

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