Andrew speaks about the growing number of mental health conditions

Worldwide demand for mental health services has grown substantially in recent years and yet, less than 50% of the global population has access to mental health services. And even for those that do, it is often inaccessible, inappropriate, inadequate or unaffordable.  As people look to their employers to provide crucial mental health services, multinationals face the challenge of providing services to meet the growing demand in an efficient and effective way. 

In the video below, ICAS World  CEO, Andrew Davies discusses: 

  • why the number of mental health conditions has climbed in recent years and why the current supply for services doesn’t match the demand
  • why mental health has become less stigmatised in recent years
  • how technology can help meet the demand for mental health treatment 
  • how COVID-19 has affected mental health and forced people to embrace smart technology as a major platform for treatment.

To find out more about ICAS, visit their page in our wellness technology marketplace or contact your MAXIS GBN representative.3  

1 Andrew Davies, CEO ICAS World 
2 ICAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED  incorporated and registered in England  whose registered office is at 85 Gresham Street, London, England, EC2V 7NQ
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