Janaize Markland from Meta joins Julie Nye on the Global Captive Podcast

Can you make a business case for starting a captive to manage employee benefits (EB) risks?

You’ve probably read countless article about “diversifying your captive with employee benefits”, but you might not have heard as much about the trend of companies setting up captives primarily to manage EB risks like life, accident, disability and medical insurance.

Yet, there’s a growing number of multinationals looking to set up a captive to do just that.

In the latest episode of the Global Captive Podcast (GCP), you can hear Julie Nye from MAXIS and Janaize Markland from Meta discussing the trend and Meta’s experience of setting up a captive to manage EB risks. Listen in the player below or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


Janaize Markland, Director, Business Risk & Insurance at Facebook and Julie Nye, Regional Manager at MAXIS sat down with Richard Cutcher, Executive Producer at GCP, to discuss:

  • Meta’s motivation to set up a captive for EB
  • different steps to launching a captive and working with an EB network
  • some challenges and considerations
  • how a captive can help drive DE&I initiatives.

If you’re looking to better manage your EB programme, take the time to listen and hear Meta’s experiences!