Nekisha Tyrrell from HSBC joins Nicola Fordham on the Global Captive Podcast

Considering adding medical risks to your captive? You’re not going to want to miss the latest episode of the Global Captive Podcast (GCP), featuring Nicola Fordham from MAXIS and Nekisha Tyrrell from HSBC. The pair discussed the benefits of adding medical to a captive and HSBC’s experience of doing so. Listen in the player below, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Nekisha, Chief Underwriter at HSBC Bermuda and Nicola, Chief Underwriting Officer at MAXIS GBN sat down with Richard Cutcher, Executive Producer at GCP, to discuss:

•    what people mean when they talk about ‘medical’ risks and why they have traditionally not always been added to a captive
•    the history of HSBC’s captive and the group’s motivations for writing medical risks into its captive programme
•    the importance of medical insurance for protecting employees and attracting and retaining talent  
•    how a captive can help to manage medical inflation.