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We’re pleased to announce that Kirsty Knopp has been appointed as our new Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, subject to regulatory checks. Kirsty will sit on the MAXIS GBN Executive Committee (ExCom).

Kirsty is an experienced risk professional, having worked in various risk and internal control positions throughout her career. She began her risk management career in 2006 as a junior analyst at a stockbroker, before progressing to senior positions at a general insurer and share registrar.

Kirsty joined MAXIS GBN in 2020 and was instrumental in setting up the Risk and Internal Control functions. Since being with MAXIS GBN, she has widened her scope to include compliance, undertaking an ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance in 2023.  

As Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Kirsty and her team work with colleagues, shareholders, and external partners and suppliers to identify, mitigate and control the risks MAXIS GBN faces, and are responsible for all compliance, risk and internal control activities.

Kirsty Knopp, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at MAXIS GBN, said: “I’m really excited to be taking on this new role at MAXIS. This is a great opportunity for me to continue the hard work that the Risk & Compliance team has been doing to ensure that MAXIS is able to effectively manage and control the risks we face. I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the strong relationships I have with my colleagues, our shareholders and partners.”

Mattieu Rouot, Chief Executive Officer at MAXIS GBN, said: “Kirsty has been instrumental in the setup of the Risk and Internal Control functions at MAXIS and this has been a great success. She will now focus on ensuring that compliance, risk and internal control continue to provide solid foundations for our business.

“Having a strong culture of risk management is vital for MAXIS to be successful in the global environment. I’m confident that Kirsty and her team will continue their great work, allowing MAXIS to be a true partner to our clients, network members and strategic partners.”

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