Find out how we have improved the usability of our Country Benchmark Reports with our new interactive dashboard

As part of the upgrades to our health and wellness reporting for you – our multinational clients, we have launched an interactive dashboard for our Country Benchmark Reports.

Just like the old Excel-based report, the Country Benchmark Dashboard shows you the experience of our entire MAXIS portfolio in each country, allowing you to review diagnostic groups, benefits categories, network utilisation, promotional claims by age bands and other metrics on a country level to give you the best insights.

The new dashboard is interactive making it more user friendly and easier to understand at a quick glance, saving you from searching through old reports.

The Country Benchmark Dashboard is available for all our multinational clients, so make sure to check it out by logging in to our OneClient portal.

What’s new?

  • The new interactive format makes it even easier to use and allows clients to understand the trends and experience of multinationals in each country.
  • The Country Benchmark Dashboard now has additional data on COVID-19 claims, country experience vs medical trend and new breakdowns of the data.

If you’d like to find out more about the interactive Country Benchmark Dashboard or any of our global medical dashboards, please contact our health and wellness team or your MAXIS GBN representative.