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Trying to take your employee benefits (EB) captive to the next level? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve teamed up with Dow Chemical and the Global Captive Podcast (GCP) to talk about how to grow EB captives… the 20-minute episode is jam packed full of great tips and advice, so don’t miss out.

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Paul Miehlke, Regional Manager, Central & Western US at MAXIS GBN, was joined by Bryan Jendretzke, Global Benefits Director, Dow Chemical to talk about taking an EB captive to the next level after implementation. The episode is a follow up to our first GCP Short where we discussed diversifying your captive with EB – you can listen to it here.

Richard Cutcher, Executive Producer at GCP, guided the fascinating conversation. Here’s a snapshot of what was discussed.

  • Bryan shared some background into the Dow Chemical captive, Dorinco, his experience in managing captive programmes with EB and the trend of adding EB to captives.

  • Paul and Bryan talked us through the process of implementing a captive programme and the challenges multinationals might face. Historically captives were seen as difficult to implement, but in the last few years there’s been a shift in mindset.

  • They reflected on the advantage a captive brings in having more control over your employee benefits. With the global pandemic we’ve seen this trend intensify – everyone is looking for more control and certainty in this very uncertain time.

  • The pair also shared best practices when managing captives and the role played by the EB network and global broker. 

  • Bryan told us how Dow Chemical has already used the captive to help implement HR initiatives in their EB. It helps support their inclusion and diversity initiatives, like covering same-sex partners and most recently making sure employees are covered during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also told the listeners about his strategy for growing the Dow Chemical captive programme.

  • And finally, they both shared a few important lessons learned from growing an EB captive strategy, including: the importance of looking forward to the next step, continuing to grow your captive and always ensuring there’s a long-term plan in place.

To find out more and to delve a little deeper, catch up on this podcast now.