Find out how online exercise therapy can help tackle your employees’ home-working ailments

Has working from home left you or your employees with some new nagging pains? Arpit Khemka CEO of our wellness partner SimpleTherapy1 has some tips to help tackle these conditions.

Pain is something that can impact anyone. It can occur for a variety of reasons due to injury, disease, daily habits, overall mental health, or simply the wear and tear of age.

For those who have had to transition to an in-home work environment because of COVID-19, lack of mobility/activity, poor ergonomics, and overall mental health are some of the primary concerns when it comes to pain management or preventative care. While for those with active jobs that require a degree of manual labour, the primary concerns of pain would be surrounding repetitive motions, sudden injury, fatigue and overuse.

Going through a major adjustment such as switching to home working may have your employees feeling lost when it comes to managing or preventing pain. But no matter what your work circumstances are, and how they may have recently changed, getting the right support and advice is vital.

Stay moving!
COVID-19 has had major impact on the way many people now work. Many professions have shifted from an office setting to an in-home work environment. Even when offices begin to re-open, the trend of remote working might be here to stay – at least in part. The remote working environment can cause a litany of issues that could be contributing to existing pain. These issues include:

  • less than ideal desk set-up
  • virtual meetings rather than face-to-face
  • extended periods of time in front of a computer
  • limited access to office gyms/facilities
  • isolation
  • limited healthcare resources
  • a decline in productivity.

These changes invite poor posture, can be an excuse for a dip in physical activity, can impact energy levels, productivity levels and negatively impact overall mental health. For employees already dealing with pain, it can be extremely tough to maintain a consistent in-person physical therapy regimen, given the current less-than-ideal circumstances.

When it comes to dealing with pain, it’s extremely important to be proactive. The longer you wait, often times the worse the pain gets, and the harder it becomes to manage. It doesn’t require much space to gain all the benefits of an in-home exercise and stretching regime.

Exercise has never been more important than now
Exercise is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s wellbeing. Its impact on benefitting our bodies is limitless. Some of these benefits that can be achieved through consistent participation in exercise and may put you in a much better position to help combat the effects of COVID-19, if contracted.2 Some of these major benefits include:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Stronger lungs
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved heart health.

It’s important to take this aspect of life into account during these stressful times. COVID-19 can impact anyone, and it is very tough to predict how severe symptoms may be from person to person. However, it is always great to be proactive and maintaining consistent physical activity could make a difference in your overall health which can only be a good thing.

How can we help?
The need to provide employees with an alternate method to physical therapy to help manage, relieve and prevent pain has never been more important. We provide an in-home physical therapy platform that can help your company manage all these potential issues in one form or another!

Our personalised exercises and stretches can help employees stay moving to combat poor posture and extended periods of immobility to alleviate stiffness and maintain proper muscular and joint function. 80% of our users enrol to help treat or manage chronic pain. The demographic of the remote workforce population is at a higher risk for developing chronic pain and discomfort.

For employees who feel the change of scenery – from office to home – has contributed to a lack of energy, many of our stretches can be rejuvenating and can give your team the boost it needs to get over those mid-week lulls and maintain high levels of productivity. Our programme also provides a degree of exercises to help maintain essential aspects of wellness such as maintaining or improving strength, balance and flexibility. To date, 93% of our participants are able to avoid more costly methods of care by participating in SimpleTherapy’s programme and effectively manage their pain.

For employers who are concerned about helping their workforce navigate exercising in today’s climate, this provides numerous aspects of any well-rounded fitness programme. Our stretches and exercises can help employees with strength, muscular endurance, balance, mobility and total functionality. When pain or discomfort is alleviated employees are more likely to become physically active. These programmes can also be that catalyst to help encourage further exercise all of which can directly or indirectly impact some of the major benefits that can be achieved through physical activity when it comes to dealing with COVID-19.

Thanks, Arpit for that overview. If you would like to find out more about SimpleTherapy and its programme, contact your MAXIS GBN representative or click here.

 1 SIMPLETHERAPY, INC. incorporated and registered in DELAWARE, USA whose registered office is at 39180 Farwell Drive, Suite 110, Fremont, California, USA 94538
 2 Anne R. Lindsay, (2020). ‘Physical Activity is a Strong Benefit During COVID-19’, NevadaToday
 3 MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.