MAXIS’ Asia Pacific network get-together 2018

On 2-3 August, we were delighted to host our Asia Pacific network get-together in Okinawa, Japan. The event brought together the MAXIS team and local insurance partners in the Asia Pacific region.

The two-day event was designed to offer our regional network members a chance to meet and speak with our specialists share best practice with each other and discuss challenges and solutions that can help to make our working relationships ever more productive.

Thinking ahead

Digital innovation is a big focus for MAXIS and in a first for us, a new but key session at the get-together was around digital innovation and how it can help shape the future employee benefits industry. Helga Viegas, Director of Digital Marketing & Innovation at MAXIS, led the roundtable sessions where MAXIS staff and our network partners shared ideas on this theme.

This session will also be included in our upcoming Americas regional event and we’ll hold our first ever hackathon in London in November.

Very rewarding

Perhaps the most important element of the event was when we got to recognise the work our members do for us. We first gave our member awards at the Global Forum last year, but this was our to thank regional members. Big and well-deserved congratulations to our award winners:

  • TML Singapore – Most engaged network member
  • TML Thailand – BRIGDE champion
  • MetLife Australia – Sales champion

Our Asia Pacific business development team were also keen to extend a special thank you to AXA Hong Kong for demonstrating innovation.

Discovering the secrets to a long life

Okinawa was a destination that few had visited and everyone was eager to know a bit more about this beautiful island. With average age in Okinawa being one of the highest in the world, our hosts taught us some of Okinawa’s secrets to longevity:

  • Exercise

With exercise being a key part of the lifestyle of Okinawans, we found an activity that got everyone’s hearts beating – harvesting sugar cane. One of the specialties of the island, sugar cane is harvested by hand, a strenuous activity that involved bending, cutting and bundling the cane, then delivering it to the factory to extract the sugar. Hard work, but fun and our staff and members got to wear these amazing traditional hats.

  • Food

Another reason claimed for the longevity of Okinawans is their diet. The get-together saw our members experience a memorable dinner at the Botanical Garden of Okinawa, tasting local agu pork (rich in glutamic acid and low in cholesterol) and Okinawan purple sweet potatoes (known to improve blood sugar regulation and having significant antibacterial and antifungal properties), so not only was the food delicious, but relatively guilt-free.

  • Mutual and self interest

Not only looking out for one-another but also finding meaning in their own lives and feeling fulfilled, are also considered two of the secrets to long life in Okinawa. We felt these values fitted perfectly with the objectives of our get together.

A successful and productive time was had by all and we would like to thank everyone for their involvement and enthusiasm. We look forward to catching up with our Asia Pacific members again at the MAXIS Global Forum in September 2019.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new Asia Pacific brochure to find out more about out understanding of the region and our network there.