Expanding access to healthcare through innovation and inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a massive shift in how businesses operate and how employees work and live – understandably this is one of the biggest subjects on the minds of multinational employers all over the world. 

The AXA Virtual Health Days virtual event took place from 7-9 April, bringing together a variety of experts and industry specialists for fascinating discussions on how some of the world’s biggest multinationals have responded to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. The event also explored the overall theme “expanding access to healthcare through innovation and inclusion”.

We were delighted to be involved in this important event and shared our insights on this fascinating subject.

Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN, discussed “Expanding healthcare access through inclusion” in a podcast. She talked about the disruptions that the pandemic has caused (healthcare delivery disruption, a rise in mental health issues and more) and what MAXIS and multinationals have done to tackle these issues.  

Helga Viegas, Director of Digital & Innovation at MAXIS GBN, shared her insights in her podcast “Expanding healthcare access through innovation”. She discussed how multinationals are looking to provide healthcare benefits for the platform and gig economies.

Helga has also written an article on this fascinating subject in AXA’s whitepaper. Download it here.

If you would like to explore the publications and interviews from the event, you can access them here.

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