We take a look at the seven reasons why you should be using OneClient

You might have heard of OneClient – but do you know why using it could benefit you and your people?

The OneClient portal is all about convenience – you can access your reports and lots of other useful tools and information all in one place. Our digital services can help you better understand and manage your data, which could result in real benefits for both your business and your workers’ health and wellness.

Here we take a look at the seven best reasons to register for OneClient and use it to help you to support your employees.

  1. Interactive dashboards. Interactive dashboards allow you to see your key data in clear visual formats, providing crucial statistics and analysis at a glance. You can use the dashboards to better understand the performance of your global programme (captive, pool or global risk solution) as well as better understanding your medical claims and the health trends affecting your people.

  2. All of your data in one place. As well as your dashboards, you can also use OneClient to access all of your Excel reports, making it your one-stop-shop for all your data needs.

  3. Country profiles. Want insights into employee benefits in the markets where your people are? Look no further than our country profiles, available to download from the portal. Provided by AXCO Insurance Information Services, these reports are free to download and provide insight into the employee benefits in specific markets across the globe, meaning essential compliance and country data is always just a click away.

  4. Country view. In 2021 we launched ‘country view’, a new way to browse the content available in the portal. This navigation lets you view all the information available about a particular country, including the services offered by our local insurance partner(s), their health and wellness capabilities, the MAXIS Wellness Intelligence Tool and AXCO report. You can also change the map view to see all the countries within the MAXIS network, or those where there is a Global Medical Dashboard, MAXIS WIT, or AXCO report available.

  5. Wellness Intelligence Tool (WIT).1 You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of wellness, but did you know you can calculate the potential cost savings from implementing wellness campaigns? MAXIS WIT is an analytics tool that uses an actuarial model to calculate the potential financial impact of improvements in seven key areas of employee behaviour. Not only will you be able to build a business case for implementing wellness campaigns, but you can see which campaigns could have the biggest impact on employee health and your bottom line.

  6. Health and wellness toolkits. Now you know the potential financial and health benefits of running a wellness campaign, we have the materials to help you do just that! Our health and wellness toolkits are free to download and include all the resources you need to run a campaign for your people. With a mixture of flyers, handouts, email templates and more, you can educate your employees about specific health problems and help them make positive lifestyle changes.

  7. Wellness technology marketplace.2 Are you finding it difficult to provide the same health services for all your people – no matter where they are? Do you want access to global health and wellbeing services, which can tackle the most common and pressing issues facing your people? Well, our wellness technology marketplace can help. It’s your one-stop-shop for third-party suppliers of global digital wellness services. From telemedicine to EAP partners and chronic disease management, our carefully selected providers can match your footprint and design programmes that match your people’s needs.

Now you know why you should be using OneClient, do you know how to get access? It’s very easy…
If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you don’t have an account yet or need help, then just get in touch with your MAXIS GBN representative or contact the OneClient team.

1The WIT is not available for all MAXIS clients – contact your MAXIS GBN representative with any questions. 

2MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.