Our members discussed best practices on how to work even better together and further strengthen our network

MAXIS GBN holds its first Member Committee

MAXIS GBN’s first Member Committee was held on Thursday 23 June in Frankfurt where a large number of members were attending the MAXIS university.
The committee was created to give members an advisory role in the governance and strategy of the network and the participants were carefully chosen to provide a balanced representation according geographic region and affiliation. For future committees, the members will set the agenda and their recommendations will be taken into account by MAXIS GBN’s senior leadership team and shareholders.
The first Member Committee served as a forum to discuss the finalising of the joint venture in London and to gather feedback from members on their suggestions as to how to work even better together and further strengthen the network in the future.
Achmea, our longstanding MAXIS GBN member in the Netherlands shared its experiences and talked about the best practice they use internally to facilitate their relationship with MAXIS GBN and gain the most value from its membership in the network.