Discussing cancer claims in Brussels

Cancer. Even saying the word makes some people feel uncomfortable. Almost like saying it will make it happen. Somehow tempting fate.

But it’s something that we really do need to be talking about, given how the pandemic has caused (and is still causing), cancer screening and treatment delays. Patients everywhere are still missing vital cancer care while healthcare services try to get back to some semblance of normality and deal with lengthy waiting list.

And these delays in screening and treatment can be very costly. According to MAXIS medical claims data, cancers are the third most costly disease driver.

Elisabetta Zanellato, Account Executive Western Europe, will speak about cancer claims and how multinationals can offer screening and treatment for their people in his session at IEBA conference this June.

  • Session: “Cancer care, the great delay”
  • Date: Thursday 15 June from 13.30pm to 14.10pm
  • Location: IEBA conference in Brussels
  • Speaker: Elisabetta Zanellato, Account Executive Western Europe, MAXIS GBN

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