Are you joining us for this virtual event?

It’s that time of year again! Captive Review are once again gathering risk and insurance professionals from across Asia for the annual Asia Captive Summit. And we’re excited to be key sponsors of this great event again.

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Unfortunately, like most events at the moment, this will be a virtual conference, taking place on 20 October 2020.

Despite not being able to meet in person, the Summit will see professionals from across the continent come together to discuss the latest trends in a series of roundtables and panel discussions. We’re hosting two sessions on the day, too. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Implementing employee benefits into your captive  panel session (7:25 - 8:05 UK time)
Juliet Kwek – Regional Director, Asia Pacific at MAXIS GBN will:

• explore the three  pillars of employee benefits: digitisation, aligning social trends and prevention and mitigation of employee benefits (EB)  risks
• look at how to successfully align your EB programme with the board of directors
• discuss how to use your EB programme to improve the workplace environment
• explain how to leverage the benefits of analytics toolsto customise your policies
• share strategies for eb financing.


Ensuring the future growth of captive insurance in Asia Pacific (8:10-8:50 UK time)
Matthias Helmbold – Head of Technical and Services, MAXIS GBN will look at:

• what makes Asia an appealing domicile for captives? How can we ensure than the captive landscape continues to grow and prosper?
• how will ILS and the insurance amendment bill help to strengthen regulatory regimes and drive captive formation?
• financial reforms locally and internationally – what benefits can be gained? What lessons can be learnt to support industry? 
• solvency in Asia – an exploration of the Asia pacific solvency regulation, and the impact the European solvency II regulation has on other jurisdictions.
• the global outlook – is there anything we can learn from our European and US counterparts?


We can’t wait to see you at this great event.