Join us as we discuss how captives write international employee benefits.

Over the last few years, employee benefits (EB) has become one of the most interesting growth areas for captive owners and multinational employers. The advantages of adding EB to a captive are now much better known, as multinationals look to offer the benefits that help them attract and retain talent, control their benefits costs and diversify risk in the captive.

But for many multinationals, knowing where to start can be a real challenge.

Join Aaron Brown, Regional Director – EMEA, at the Airmic Captives Forum in London where he will be hosting the Captive Boot Camp session ‘How captives write international employee benefits’ at 4.05pm on 6 March.

For Airmic members more familiar with captives and EB, he will be joining the member roundtable ‘Governance of EB captive programmes’ earlier in the day (1.45pm).

Book your place at the event via the Airmic website.