Finally catching up with our network partners in Fukuoka

When we said goodbye at the end of our network event in Okinawa in 2018, we could not have imagined it would be over five years until we all met again. And so, after such a long time apart, we were delighted to finally meet up with our network partners in Fukuoka, Japan, at the 2023 MAXIS Asia-Pacific Network Get-together. 

On 15-17 March, MAXIS network partners from across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region joined us in Japan – they came from Australia to Pakistan, Thailand to the Philippines, and were as excited to meet the MAXIS team as were to meet them. We caught up, talked ‘shop’, shared best practice, discussed challenges and came up with solutions that can help to make our working relationships better than ever. And of course, we had some fun! 

Our event theme: Reunite, Reconnect, Reshape, the agenda and our discussions reflected just how much has changed since we last met. It was a busy couple of days – here are just some of the highlights. 


A major part of the Get-together was networking, reconnecting, getting to know each other and improving how we work together. And we made sure we left plenty of time for those important activities. 

A quiz hosted by the MAXIS team, a cherry blossom tour and a networking dinner completed a very successful first day. 

Paul Lewis, Chief Business Development Officer at MAXIS GBN, hosted an interactive quiz focusing on improving how we work together and sharing best practice. He spoke about how data helps power our shared clients’ global programmes and discussed the challenges and solutions that can help to make our working relationships even more productive. 

Our network partners also had the opportunity to share their experiences, including how they were creative in offering new solutions for (and after) COVID-19 and presented their health and wellness offerings which help to meet multinationals and employees’ expectations. 

The MAXIS Business Development team discussed reshaping employee benefits programmes: the needs of multinationals and how to solve challenges creatively. 

Dr Leena Johns, Chief Health & Wellness Officer at MAXIS GBN, shared her insights on the future of work, megatrends in EB and workplace wellness. She discussed the latest data trends pre/post COVID-19 and how technology and employers can play a part in providing the proactive healthcare solutions needed to tackle the biggest problems facing employee populations. 

Celebrating success 
On Thursday 16 March we hosted our member awards, where we celebrated the best of the best, recognising our network partners for their commitment to MAXIS, data, innovation and sales. 

The ceremony took place in Fukuoka at Ishikura Shuzou restaurant. There was a great atmosphere throughout the evening, with everyone gathered to celebrate success. 

After a traditional Japanese cocktail, Mattieu Rouot, CEO, Paul Lewis and Brian Park, Member Manager APAC at MAXIS GBN, handed out the awards. 

Most Engaged Member 
This award aims to recognise the member who is most truly and consistently engaged with MAXIS’ core functions and processes in support of servicing and growing the local MAXIS portfolio.  

Tokio Marine Life Thailand picked up the award for its smooth working relationship with MAXIS, with all our teams reporting good experiences with them. They have also recently been engaging with the wider MAXIS world – last year, we had a chance to feature their response to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of our Local Perspectives series. 

Innovation Champion 
With digital technology having really proved its importance in recent years, shaping the future of the employee benefits (EB) industry, this award aims to recognise local market innovation. We looked at areas such additional products and services, health and wellness solutions and innovative digital solutions for multinational clients at the local level. 

AXA Hong Kong took the award on the night. Our partner in Hong Kong has recently launched innovative partnerships across travel insurance (with Klook), the Internet of Vehicles (with Chung Shing Taxi and TaxiSafely), the “Metaverse” (with The Sandbox), and several ESG/sustainability initiatives.  

Data Quality Champion 
Good data is at the heart of everything we do. Employers want timely and accurate data to make good decisions about their global EB programmes. MetLife Japan won this award for its stand-out performance in the data quality space. 

Sales Champion 
We like to recognise the competitive spirit, ingenuity, and tenacity of our members. The sales champion award acknowledges all those attributes in the team who contributes most to our joint sales success. 

It was a hard-fought contest, but MetLife Australia took the prize for their remarkable efforts in closing a high volume of new business. 

Getting together with our friends and colleagues from around Asia-Pacific reminded us all of just how much we had missed doing so and we’re already looking forward to the next time.