Look no Further for equitable and affordable health benefits for your people

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Further Group,1 a global leader in the design and development of equitable and affordable health insurance solutions.2

Further will be offering its innovative Critical Advantage solution to our multinational clients. By choosing to partner with Further, our clients will be able to offer their people treatment, outside of their home country, at medical centres of excellence of their choosing, for some of the most critical conditions. This includes:

  • cancer treatment
  • neurosurgery
  • coronary artery by-pass surgery
  • heart valve replacement and repair
  • live organ donor and tissue transplants.

The solution is available globally, allowing for equitable treatment for all employees, no matter where they live. Treatment, travel and accommodation are all covered, and Further organises all bookings and arrangements, meaning employees can focus on their health and recovery.

As part of the partnership, employers enjoy the advantages of centralised reporting, administration and management from the team at Further. All Further policies can be 100% reinsured and are eligible for inclusion in our global programmes.

Further currently provides solutions for more than 200 multinational employers across the globe.

Damien Payne, Director of Corporate Solutions at Further, said, “Our focus is on health equity and ensuring that regardless of an employee’s location, when faced with a serious illness they should be able to access the best treatment available in a timely manner. Given the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on access to cancer treatment, our solutions are more relevant than ever before.

"We’re excited to be working with MAXIS GBN, helping their multinational clients to provide equitable health benefits to their employees.”

Dr Leena Johns, Chief Health & Wellness Officer at MAXIS GBN, said, “I’m delighted we are adding Further to our third-party suppliers in our wellness technology marketplace. The team at Further are experts in helping employees access the best possible care at a potentially distressing time.

“Working with Further is a great opportunity for employers to not only provide their people with the best treatment to help them recover from a serious illness, but also to ensure they are offering uniform, equal access to care.”

Further is the seventh supplier to join our wellness technology marketplace. The marketplace – part of our MAXIS Global Wellness solution – offers multinationals a dedicated and unique suite of digital-led health and wellness services from some of the world’s most innovative providers. The marketplace consists of carefully selected third-party suppliers which deliver global wellness solutions to multinationals and their people, matching the footprint of the employer.


​1 FURTHER Underwriting International S.L., a company incorporated under the laws of Spain, with its registered office at Paseo de Recoletos, 12 4ª planta – 28001, Madrid, Spain. C.I.F. number B-83644484
2 MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.

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About Further

Further Underwriting International (“Further”), is a leading digitally enabled specialist in the design and development of niche health insurance products and service solutions. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Madrid, Further has successfully established itself as a leading, high growth company in its specialty area, with business in over 30 countries through partnerships with more than 300 insurers and multinational employers. Further’s ability to design and deliver ground-breaking solutions in complex areas of healthcare positions it perfectly to respond to new challenges with a clear mission to level the playing field and provide truly global solutions within the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. For more information, please visit


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1 FURTHER Underwriting International S.L., a company incorporated under the laws of Spain, with registered address Paseo de Recoletos, 12 4ª planta - 28001. Madrid -Spain C.I.F. number B-83644484

2 MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.