Mattieu Rouot takes the mic and talks about the factors impacting employee health

Does a factory worker face the same health issues on the job as an office-based employee? Does a menopausal woman have the same wellbeing needs as a younger woman just starting out in her career?  Is offering all of these people the same wellness benefits be truly effective?

Mattieu Rouot, CEO at MAXIS GBN, will discuss this all-important topic at the iFHP (International Federation of Health Plans) 2024 Biennial Conference on Tuesday 28 May at 11am in Paris, France.

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Named “Celebrating changemakers”, the event will gather iFHP members, who are senior managers from the health and insurance sector from over 23 countries.

It will be the opportunity to learn from the innovators who are pushing boundaries and reshaping health insurance for the better. Attendees can hear their insights, strategies, and achievements, and learn how they are shaping a more dynamic and effective future for healthcare coverage.

It promises to be insightful!

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iFHP is an international association of health payers built on fraternity, collaboration and the creation of mutual value. For more than fifty years iFHP has championed changemakers in the health insurance industry – the people, teams and companies that create the most meaningful change for their members, improving human health and creating longer, healthier, happier lives. The association counts 70 health organisations and insurers in over 23 countries.