Dr Leena Johns shares her insights on workplace wellness

To successfully manage the new realities of work, multinationals need to stay ahead of the latest trends when it comes to employees’ wants and needs. In an increasingly digital world, it’s also vital to be aware of how best to leverage technology in attracting, retaining and caring for their people.

Dr Leena Johns, Chief Health & Wellness Officer at MAXIS GBN will be giving a presentation at an event held by our member partner MetLife Australia on Tuesday 13 June in Melbourne and on Thursday 15 June in Sydney, Australia. The event will be “Exploring global health megatrends and the impact on your employees and customers”.

In her presentation, she will share insights on:

  • the rise in critical diseases in a post pandemic world – what should employers be thinking about to stay ahead of the critical disease curve
  • the overlooked factors resulting in health disparities in healthcare offerings: gender, age, industry specific risks and cultural differences
  • the missing piece of the mental health puzzle and the need to address mental health problems
  • how to use these insights and solutions to support employee and client retention, and business growth.