Be part of the MAXIS Global Forum 2017 - join the videojam!

Submit a video - join the MAXIS videojam

We’re inviting all MAXIS GBN members to share a video about themselves with other members, to help us get to know each other better. The videos will be shown at our MAXIS Global Forum event held in Brussels in September 2017.

We’re looking for a short video, about 1 to 2 minutes long, and you can use any filming equipment you want, even your phone. Keep it short and simple - and make it fun! It’s up to you what to include.

If you’re stuck for ideas, think about these options:
  • Introduce yourself (and your colleagues)
  • Let us know if you’re attending the MAXIS Global Forum event in September
  • Give us a tour of your office
  • Tell us something about your country – maybe something no one knows
  • Take us for a walk down your street
When you’re happy with your film, share it with us in whichever way is easiest for you  – through your phone’s iCloud service, in an email link, or via a file transfer service like Dropbox or
If you won’t be coming to the event in Brussels, you can still submit a video. Actually, we encourage you to do so, because it will be a great way to still be part of the event.
The final deadline for submitting your video is Friday 8 September 2017. 


We hope you can participate! We look forward to seeing all your videos.

Join the videojam

Instructions for submitting the video:

We would prefer an MP4 file, but we will work around whatever format you have. Ideally, send the high definition file via or Dropbox to [email protected]. If you don’t know how to access the file, send us a link to your iCloud or any other cloud service on your phone used to store your video. We will give you a call if we need anything else.