Mattieu Rouot publishes article in HR Zone, detailing how corporate wellness programs can be extremely effective.

Mattieu Rouot publishes article in HR Zone

MAXIS GBN has identified how corporate wellness programs can help address these worrying trends. Simple interventions can be extremely effective, such as:

  • Just 30 minutes of continuous moderate physical activity per day decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer by 40%.
  • Walking to work decreases the risk of coronary heart disease by 13%. 
  • Employer-sponsored programmes are extremely effective compared to public prevention programmes generating 15-35%

Implementing Health and Wellness programs is financially advantageous as well as socially responsible. There is a clear business case for Health and Wellness. The facts are clear:

  • For every pound invested in prevention programmes, employers save £4 in medical costs, absenteeism, loss of productivity, and other indirect costs related to poor health. 
  • Health Gateway, a corporate wellness program offered by a MAXIS GBN member, helped business remove more than 5000 health risks from the UK last year by encouraging lifestyle changes.
  • Removing one health risk for one employee saved the employer an average of 600 pounds per year.
  • Companies with a strong corporate health culture are shown to outperform the S&P 500 stock index by 3-5%.

Health and Wellness programs are any key element of human resources strategy and a major focus for MAXIS GBN.

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