Join us on 16 January for tips on how to build a sound financial wellness strategy in the workplace

Date: 16 January 

Time: 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT

’Financial wellness’ is a relatively new but rapidly growing concept. At MAXIS Global Benefits Network, we want to help you, as an employer, stay ahead of the game … or, at the very least, make sure you know what the game is!

Sweeping economic changes around the world are forcing multinational companies to step up their efforts to provide employees with the competitive benefits and the financial education that enables them to better allocate and manage their assets.

Employees, in turn, are looking to their employer for help in easing their financial stress. Offering effective financial wellness programmes may not only help to mitigate financial risks, but may also improve employee retention and productivity, reduce employee stress, and help dial-up the value of an employer’s retirement plan.

Join our new webinar to hear from Paul Dixon, HR Pensions Leader for IBM, as well as other experienced guest speakers regarding: 
• a growing and shifting wellness focus
• the correlation between financial wellness and higher levels of workforce engagement, loyalty and productivity
• tips on how to build a sound financial wellness strategy in the workplace.

Do you think you can learn something? Then register now and join us to learn how more about modernising your employee benefits offering and achieving results through financial wellness.