Mattieu Rouot discussed the value of EB in COVID-19 times

Mattieu Rouot, CEO at MAXIS GBN as part of “The value of EB in COVID-19 times” at PARIMA Dynamic Huddles last Monday 10 May.  Now there’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel, employers are reviewing their Employee Benefits (EB) strategy and looking to build global programmes to meet the needs of their employees and control their costs.

Replay the session to hear from Mattieu Rouot regarding the value of EB in COVID-19 times.

• 46% of employees said that the COVID-19 pandemic made them reappraise the value of the benefits their employers offer*

• With the current COVID-19 situation, employee benefits solutions allow organisations to implement global strategies to help employees understand their benefit options, manage costs and ensure duty of care.

• Developing a global EB programme provides companies with stability and flexibility in uncertain times. This is an excellent option for risk managers in multinational companies as it offers better access, control and management of risk exposure. Through captives, companies gain insights on the nature of claims they are paying out and get the most out of their risk benefits financing.

• Regulations and pandemic exclusions for insurance policies in some countries pose a challenge for multinational companies; however, captive EB programmes can remove exclusions to ensure that employees are still covered.

*MAXIS GBN Global perspectives report COVID-19 and the future of employee benefits 2020