Find out how MindCo can help your people tackle smoking addiction and ease stress

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with MindCo,1 a California-based digital health company. MindCo specialise in virtual reality (VR) programmes which focus on improving mental health and tackling smoking addiction.

Our multinational clients are now able to partner with MindCo globally to offer their employees MindCo’s MindCotine and MindCoRelief services.2

MindCotine is a VR-based smoking cessation programme that helps people tackle smoking addiction through a unique combination of VR experiences, tried-and-tested cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness exercises, and live coaching.

MindCoRelief is a VR mindful exposure therapy (VR-MET) programme that aims to help people ease their anxiety and stress.

Employees will have access to both support programmes with four methods of engagement:

  • a physical kit, including a VR headset

  • virtual training, including VR exposure scenarios

  • a mobile app which can track progress

  • a human coach, offering weekly coaching sessions and 24/7 support through the app’s chat function.

MindCotine is the first clinically validated VR smoking cessation programme in the world. According to a study conducted with researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the MindCotine programme yielded 33% smoking cessation efficacy at 90 days, compared to 16% for those using a nicotine patch and 12% for those using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) counselling alone.3

Smokers are estimated to each cost firms an average of US $7,000 per year more than non-smokers, due to excess healthcare costs and lost productivity. Three out of 10 cancer-related deaths can be attributed to smoking.4

Luciano Lopatin, Chief Revenue Officer at MindCo, said: “We’re extremely excited to be able to partner with MAXIS GBN in our continued drive to help smokers quit. We’re very proud of the MindCotine programme and its innovative approach which is clinically proven to help. We passionately believe that helping people quit smoking offers long-term benefits, not only for their own health, but for everyone.”

Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN, said: “Smoking remains a major challenge for society, with significant health and financial impacts. The MindCotine product is a new and proven way to help employees with this challenge and in turn boost their health. We’re delighted to be adding MindCo to our roster of partners and expect strong demand from employers looking to help their people overcome their smoking addiction.

“And as mental health becomes an even more important subject in the workplace, we are pleased that we can offer MindCoRelief to help employers ease their people’s stress and anxiety.”

MindCo joins our wellness technology marketplace, a dedicated and unique suite of digital-led health and wellness services from some of the world’s most innovative providers, who deliver global wellness solutions to multinationals and their employees, matching the footprint of a multinational employer.

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1Mindcotine Inc. doing business as MindCo Health, a company registered in Delaware, United States of America having its registered office at 2021 The Alameda, suite 380, San Jose, CA, 95126
2MAXIS GBN may receive fees, commissions and/or other remuneration from third parties in connection with the services we carry out for you.
3Various, Journal Medical Internet Research (accessed March 2022)
4Anon, Pivot (accessed March 2022)

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About MindCo
MindCo have developed the only approach to changing unhealthy habits and behaviours by using cognitive behavioural training and VR-MET, Virtual Reality - Mindful Exposure Therapy. This proprietary, immersive technology yields highly effective and engaging treatments for behavioural health that can be practised in the home. Their unique kits offer a way to train your brain where and when you want.
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