Ricardo Almeida and Dr Leena Johns joined the podcast to discuss EB, COVID-19 and wellness solutions

Are you ready to sit back, listen and learn more about employee benefits (EB) captives? 

We were invited to join the latest episode of the Global Captive Podcast (GCP #43) to discuss captives, EB, COVID-19, health and wellness and much more.

Ricardo Almeida, Head of Business Development at MAXIS GBN, joined Richard Cutcher as co-host of this episode to share his expert knowledge of the captive industry, the latest trends and the effects of COVID-19. He discussed: 

  • why more multinationals are starting to add EB business to a captive 
  • how lockdowns have forced EB professionals to change the way they do business and make important decisions  
  • the short- and long-term effects the pandemic has had and will have on EB captive programmes
  • the future of EB captives and which region has the greatest opportunity for growth.

Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN, also spoke with Richard. She shared how the pandemic has changed employers’ priorities and their focus towards their wellness programmes. She talked about: 

  • how large organisations are looking after employees' health and wellness in the COVID-19 world
  • how companies have adopted telemedicine and virtual healthcare programmes to meet new needs
  • what organisations have learnt from the pandemic and how they can apply this to their programmes in the future.

Richard also spoke with Heiko Ditzel, Director of Risk Finance & Transfer at Adidas. Heiko discussed how captives can play an increased role in corporate insurance programmes.

It’s an informative and fascinating session so make sure you listen. Head to our “friends of the podcast” page to listen to this and our other appearances on the Global Captive Podcast.