He discusses diversifying captives with employee benefits with AXA XL and Mercer Marsh Benefits

We are really pleased to be sponsors of the Global Captive Podcast in 2020 and we are excited to announce that our first GCP Shorts episode is now LIVE! 

Matthias Helmbold, Head of Technical & Services at MAXIS GBN, was joined by Barry Perkins, Placement leader for Global Benefits at Mercer Marsh Benefits and Matthew Latham, Head of Global Programmes and Captives at AXA XL, on the second GCP shorts episode of the year. 

It was great to collaborate with AXA XL and Mercer Marsh Benefits on this episode and to discuss Employee Benefits (EB) and Captives, with the three speakers giving us some insight on how to set up these captive programmes.

The topic, diversifying your captive with employee benefits, saw Barry discuss the recent statistics on Captives writing EB, citing figures from the 2019 captive landscape report. Matthew talked us through the P&C lines and the AXA XL portfolio and adding EB to these programmes and Matthias discussed international EB and captives, the interest from risk managers, and the importance of collaborating with HR directors. Along with some more interesting topics, so make sure you check it out!

Listen here

With the current COVID-19 crisis we had a slightly different set up than usual, we recorded this remotely with all participants safely dialling in from home.

Thanks to Matthias, Barry and Matt for providing us an interesting bite-sized podcast episode! And of course thanks to Richard Cutcher the Executive Producer at Global Captive Podcast.

You can download the episode via iTunes, Apple podcasts and Spotify or listen online via Soundcloud.