ICAS World will provide employee assistance programmes to MAXIS clients

ICAS World,1 an employee assistance programme (EAP) platform, has been selected as a new global provider of counselling support and assistance for MAXIS GBN clients. 

As part of the partnership, our multinational clients will be able to choose to work with ICAS World, giving their employees access to counselling and work-life services including legal and financial advice, wellness coaching and family care support. They will be able to take advantage of cost effective services to help employees and their immediate families deal with a range of issues, whether emotional or financial. ICAS World is one of the third-party suppliers accessed through our MAXIS Global Wellness solution.

Employees and their families are able to access solution based counselling services 365 days a year, via telephone, over the internet or face to face, providing emotional support whenever it is needed by qualified clinicians who speak their language. Life management services including legal, financial, housing, family and relationship advice and support are also provided by ICAS World and available to our clients.

ICAS World was established in the UK in 1987 as a specialist psychological services business. Since opening its first EAP operation in the UK it has become a market leader and now has over 43 in-country offices, covers 185 countries, 2,400 organisations and 6.5 million people.2

Andrew Davies, Chief Executive Officer at ICAS World, said: “We are delighted to support MAXIS GBN’s multinational clients with our EAP services. Our programme enables employees and their families to access a vast range of support, whether it is emotional or financial, and at any time of day. The support is provided by locally registered professional clinicians who form a global team of experts, meaning that clients of MAXIS GBN are able to offer the same high quality EAP to their employees all over the world.”

Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness at MAXIS GBN, said: “The world has faced more change in the last few months than it has in years due to the coronavirus pandemic, so employers and employees alike are dealing with new and complex issues. This means programmes that offer support in the form of counselling, emotional guidance and life management advice have never been more important or more necessary. We’re so pleased, therefore, to be able to partner with ICAS, a leading EAP provider, as one of our MAXIS Global Wellness partners. We hope that this partnership will, along with all the other services available through MAXIS Global Wellness, help our multinational clients, their employees and their families navigate the current climate.”

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1 ICAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED  incorporated and registered in England  whose registered office is at 85 Gresham Street, London, England, EC2V 7NQ
2 MAXIS GBN, April 2020, MAXIS proposal to clients EAP solution, PowerPoint presentation