Catch up now on the first HR & Risk Manager conference

What happens next? As the pandemic continues, we’ve all been challenged with new ways of working. Will we go back to times before COVID-19 or do we need to reshape our workplaces and focus more on our employee benefits (EB)? 

If these questions have occurred to you then you’ll want to catch up with the discussions at the Commercial Risk Europe (CRE) Employee Benefits Risk Management conference which took place on 18 and 19 November!

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Panel discussion
Human resources & risk management: the importance of collaboration 
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Matthias Helmbold, Head of Technical & Services at MAXIS GBN was joined by Giles Finkestein from Zurich Global EB Solutions, Hannah Strawbridge from Han Law and Jackie Hyde from Stanmore Insurance.
Matthias shared the experience of the MAXIS team and explained how we’ve adapted to home working, provided online yoga sessions for employees and subsidised office equipment to make working from home more comfortable. He also talked about our plans to renovate our office to create a workplace fit for the future. 

Panel discussion
How can Global Insurance Programmes enhance employee benefit (EB) management?
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Why should employee benefits be included within the global insurance programme? 
Thomas Lienert, Regional Director, NORCEE at MAXIS GBN was joined by Adri van der Waart from Arcadis, Frederik Van Den Eede from Generali and Moritz Löschner from Zurich to discuss this important topic and why adding EB into a global programme makes such good sense. They also talked about the impact COVID-19 has had on these programmes, and what we need to focus on going forward. To find out more tune in and hear their expert opinions. 

Rebuilding the business case for chronic disease management in light of lessons learned from COVID-19
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Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness at MAXIS GBN and Dr Neil Gordon, CEO of INTERVENT International looked at what employers can do to offer support and continuity of care to their most vulnerable employee groups – those with chronic diseases in these uncertain times. COVID-19 has been a challenging time for many, but employers need to pay special attention to those who suffer from chronic diseases. 
COVID-19 has presented a double threat for these individuals. Not only does evidence suggest that they are at greater risk of severe complications and death due to COVID-19, but the crisis has created unintended health harm as these individuals are unable to receive the care necessary to prevent these diseases progressing. Continuity of care for these vulnerable groups of people is now more important than ever before.