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Dr Leena Johns talks about MAXIS Global Wellness with Global Benefits Vision magazine

After announcing the launch of MAXIS Global Wellness, Dr Leena Johns, Head of Wellness at MAXIS GBN, spoke to Global Benefits Vision magazine. In the Q&A, which you can read in full below, Dr Leena talks about how the data-driven solution is designed to help multinationals understand their healthcare cost drivers. Dr Leena said:

“MAXIS Global Wellness is powered by in-depth health data analytics and offers a set of wellness solutions that can be rolled out across the world, while still enabling multinationals to retain ensure centralised governance. Our aim is to help clients cover the lack of infrastructure or maturity in rolling out a programme in a particular geography, and be assured of its effectiveness, since the programme is built on a bedrock of data analytics.”

Dr Leena continues, talking about the reporting can help multinationals have clarity over what is having the biggest impact on their employee population in specific countries. She said, “our analyses enable our multinational clients to have a clearer vision of what exactly is driving their costs as well as what’s ailing their population across the world.

“For example, if diabetes is identified as a top claims driver among staff in a specific country, the client is able to gauge if this is because of a rise in newer incidences of diabetes, i.e., more people developing the disease, if those already suffering from diabetes are being poorly managed (increase in frequency), or even if the providers rendering services are expensive resulting in high unit costs. This enables multinationals to engineer the appropriate intervention.”

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