Join Dr Leena Johns and Dr Neil Gordon to find out why chronic disease management is essential

The current global pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our lives. As well as the millions of people who have caught COVID-19, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering mental health issues as well as a significant increase in substance abuse. 

What may be less talked about is the impact the pandemic had on people with existing chronic diseases. COVID-19 has presented a double threat for this group. Not only does evidence suggest that they are at greater risk of severe complications and even death if they catch the virus, but the crisis has meant, in many cases, being unable to receive the necessary care to prevent these diseases progressing.

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Commercial Risk Europe will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 24 February at 3pm (GMT) titled ‘Lessons from COVID-19: why chronic disease management is essential’. Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness at MAXIS GBN and Dr Neil Gordon, CEO and founder of INTERVENT International will be discussing what employers can do to offer support and continuity of care to their most vulnerable employee groups – those with chronic diseases.

And, given the costs of chronic diseases for multinationals – on healthcare spending, absenteeism and lost productivity – it’s something employers really need to think about.

The pandemic has also really highlighted the need to improve the health of our employees. We need to shift the focus from illness to health and wellness in order to address the various factors of health and to promote healthy behaviour and lifestyles.

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