Join our webinar to find out how you can help your employees stay healthier and productive longer

People are living and working longer than ever. At the same time, birth rates are falling, meaning fewer young people are entering the workforce. These facts combined mean that global employers – like you – are coming to rely more than ever on older workers. Multinationals need to consider how to manage the health and benefits requirements of a multigenerational workforce, both now and in the future. 

So how can you encourage healthy ageing and cater for an older workforce so that you won’t alienate an important and growing pool of skilled staff?

We’re pleased to be hosting a webinar on this fascinating subject. In the webinar, Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness at MAXIS GBN, will explain: 

  • the unstoppable trend… the world’s ageing workforce 
  • the science of ageing and the impact of chronic disease on medical costs
  • what employers and employees can do to combat the negative effects of age and encourage healthy ageing 
  • why implementing the right wellness programmes early can help employees of all ages potentially avoid some of the ill effects typically associated with ageing.

Dr Leena will be joined by Dana Citron, Director, Health and Wellbeing at Deutshe Post DHL Group (read her bio), who will share the successes and challenges of implementing wellness programmes in the DHL Group and give her perspective on the topic of healthy ageing. 

As your workforce continues to age doing nothing isn’t an option. Register below for our “Healthy ageing in the era of an ageing global workforce” webinar and we'll see you on Tuesday 13 October 3-4pm / 15:00-16:00 (UK time).

Feel free to pass this invite to your employees, so they can learn more about how they can age more healthily, too! 

*Registrations for this event are now closed.