Learn about optimism and the benefits to your health and working life

Learn about our recently published whitepaper

Our recently published Health and Wellness whitepaper ‘Optimism: tapping its positive power’ looks closely at this phenomenon and focuses on:

  • the proven benefits creating a culture of optimism in the workplace can bring, in terms of productivity, resilience and reduced absenteeism
  • how replacing employees’ feelings of ‘helplessness’ with optimism improves managerial decision-making, employee retention, increased sales,
  • the many ways in which a positive working environment and attitude can help your employees stay healthy and recover more quickly from physical set-backs

We will be hosting a webinar in which Dr. Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness will discuss the insights the paper provides and how they can be applied in the workplace: 

  • discover practical suggestions for creating a culture of optimism that helps develop confident, hopeful, optimistic and resilient employees
  • hear how a leading insurer used indisputable data to expand their ‘optimistic’ salesforce, and increased their market share by 50%.

To register for the webinar, simply click on one of the links below: 

Session 1: 8pm / 20:00 Hong Kong, 1pm / 13:00 London, 8am / 08:00 New York


Session 2: 3pm / 15:00 London, 10am / 10:00 New York