Global vs local employee benefits – can one size fit all?

David Schupak, Regional Director, UK, Middle East & Africa and his team have invited UK Clients and Brokers to join them in Tower Bridge to enjoy a presentation on key local EB issues and global trends, as well as a tasty lunch in the historic venue.

Our guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views along the Thames while having a stroll across the glass walkway, at the top of the bridge. 

At this exclusive event we will be using our new Global Perspectives report to look at the global vs local debate:

Cost considerations and modern technologies are driving many multinationals to look at their global employee benefits (EB) programmes. The challenge? EB provision remains largely localised, with significant differences between countries.

With answers from over 200 locally based employee benefits decision makers, our new MAXIS Global Perspective report identifies key local issues and the direction the global EB industry is headed over the next two years.

We ask, how do large multinationals make global decisions that work on a local level?
We will look to answer this question with the help of a MAXIS client, HSBC and one of our network partners, AXA PPP Healthcare.